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Tim Duyck 'Yepes'

Tim Duyck 'Yepes'


    A ten-string guitar built by Ramirez for Narciso Yepes. The guitar's a sevenstring, able to play classical music going to a low B or C and has a re-entrant tuning (F#-G#-A#). This extended range makes it possible for guitarists to play pieces composed for lute without octaving.

  • HOUT

    BOVENBLAD: Handgeselecteerde Europese fijnspar
    ACHTERBLAD EN ZIJKANTEN: Gewaterde esdoorn
    HALS: Esdoorn verstevigd met bubinga
    TOETS: Ebbenhout

  • Specificaties

    BEBALKING BOVENBLAD: waaiervorm met 7 balken
    TRUSS ROD: Nee
    FRETS: 22
    MENSUUR: 652 mm / 25.67 "
    VERNIS: Franse politoer

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